Sandra Gibson Hassink, MD


Department of Pediatrics

A.I.duPont Hospital for Children

Post Office Box 269

Wilmington, Delaware 19899


1997-2000       Masters of Science Degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling, Neumann College, Aston, PA

1982-1983       Teaching Fellow in Pediatrics, Medical Center of Delaware, Wilmington, DE

1978-1981       Internship and Residency in Pediatrics, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, PA (Chief Resident 1981-1982)

1974-1978        Vanderbilt Medical School, MD

1971-1974       University of Delaware, BS Chemistry

Honors, Awards, and Elected Positions

2010-2011        Chair, AAP Strategic Planning Committee

2008-2010        Member, AAP Strategic Planning Committee

2008-2009        Chair Oversight Committee on Chapter, State and Community Affairs, AAP

2008-present   Vice- Chair Delaware State Ethics Committee

2008-2012        Chair, AAP Obesity Leadership Workgroup

2008                 Member of PBS Child Health Advisory Panel

2007-2008        Chair, Oversight committee on Research AAP

2007-present   Member NICHQ Obesity Advisory Panel

2005-present   Member Board of Directors, American Academy of Pediatrics, District III Chairperson

2005-2007        Member AMA expert writing panel on childhood obesity

2004-present   Co-chair of APA Obesity Special Interest Group

2003-2007         Member National Task Force on Obesity, American Academy of Pediatrics

1999-2005         Vice Chair for District III of the American Academy of Pediatrics

1996-1999         American Academy of Pediatrics National Nominating Committee

1994-1996         President, Delaware Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

1992-1994         Vice-President, Delaware Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics

Specialty Certification

1983                   American Board of Pediatrics

Academic and Hospital Appointments

2011- present  Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

2010-present   Director, Nemours Obesity Initiative

2005-2008        President, Medical Staff, A I du Pont Hospital for Children

2003-2005        Vice president, Medical Staff, A I duPontHospital for Children

2005-present   Member Institutional Review Board, A.I.duPontHospital for Children

2001-present   Chairperson, Ethics and Patient Rights Committee, A.I.duPontHospital for Children

1997-2011         Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas  Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA

1988-2010         Director, Childhood and Adolescent Weight Management Clinic, A I  du Pont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

1987-1988         Assistant Pediatrician, Rheumatology Clinic,  A I duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

1983-1984        Attending Pediatrician, Pediatric/Adolescent Clinic, Medical Center of Delaware, Wilmington, DE

1982-1985        Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics, Jefferson University Medical College, Philadelphia, PA

Other Hospital Positions

2006-Present  Clinical Director, Nemours Primary Care Quality Collaborative

2005-Present  Member, Institutional Review Board

2005                 Member, Innovative Clinical Practice Committee

1997- 1998       Member, Medical Executive Committee,  A I duPont Hospital for Children

1996-1998        Member, Animal Use and Care Committee, A I duPont Hospital for Children

1994-Present   Member, Ethics Committee,  A I  duPont Hospital for Children

1991-1992        Preceptor of Pediatric Fellow, Jefferson Medical College; Preceptor of Rotating Pediatric Residents, Medical Center of Delaware

Professional Organization Memberships and Positions

2012 –present   Chair, Adv.Committee for AAP Institute for Healthy Childhood Weight

2010 – 2012       Member IOM committee on Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention

2010 – Present  Member  CHA (formerly NACHRI) Advocacy Council

2008 – Present  Member CHA (formerly NACHRI) focus group on Obesity

2000-present     Member Ambulatory Pediatric Society

2000-2001           Oversight Board Committee on Committees and Sections, Publications and Education, American Academy of Pediatrics

2001-Present     Member, Committee on Environmental and Public Health, Medical Society of Delaware.

2001- 2010          Pediatric Consultant, Delaware Office of Disability

2001-2002           Member, Management Committee on Committee Sections, American Academy of Pediatrics

1999-2002           Alternate District Chair for District III, American Academy of Pediatrics (elected position)

1999-2003           Alternate Delegate, Delaware Medical Society

1996-1999           National Nominating Committee, American Academy of Pediatrics (elected position)

1994-1996           President, Delaware Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (elected position)

1991-1993           Member, Legislative Committee, Delaware Chapter, AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics

1990-1998           Member, Executive Committee, Delaware Chapter, AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics

Government Appointments

2012- present     Co-Chair Physical and Mental Health Committee, Delaware Youth Initiative for Foster Care Transition

2010 – present   Chair, Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Appointment by Gov J. Markel Delaware


Alan Schwartz Lectureship, April 2013 Sinai Hospital Baltimore, MD


Healthy Weight Collaborative Expert Faculty – HHS grant to NICHQ to establish obesity prevention collaboratives in 50 sites across the country, subcontract with Nemours.

Healthy Weight Collaborative Delaware – HHS grant 2nd round participant


Academic Pediatrics published by Elsevier Inc for the Academic Pediatric Association


U.S. Patent Number 6,884,777 issued April 6, 2005. Method for treating respiratory distress syndrome

Advisory Panels

2013                   Robert Wood Johnson Strategic Advisory Panel on Childhood Obesity

2013 –present   Advisory Committee- Head Start Center for Health

2012                   YMCA of America expert advisory panel on childhood obesity

2010-present     Member Advisory Panel, ISCOLE Advisory Board Preventive Medicine

2006                    Member Expert Writing Group on Prevention CDC/AMA Guidelines for Pediatric Obesity

2004- 2006          Member AAP Obesity Taskforce

2004                    AAP representative to the UNC “Get Kids in Action” External Advisory Board


Presentation to the Institute of Medicine on behalf of the AAP on School Health Policy and Obesity, April 21,2003 WashingtonDC.

Policy Brief on Childhood Obesity, AAP Washington, DC March 27, 2009

HHS Childhood Obesity Briefing, WashingtonDC July 7, 2009

Congressional Testimony

Childhood Obesity, House Energy and Commerce Committee, Washington, DC Dec 16, 2010

Childhood Obesity, Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions,Washington, DC March 4, 2010.

Press Conferences

July 29, 2010   Senate Press Conference in support of the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act,

Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, Sponsored by Sen. Blanche Lincoln


Hassink S: Editor in Chief of A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Obesity: A Road Map to Health, AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL 2006

Hassink S: Pediatric Obesity: Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Strategies for Primary Care AmericanAcademy of Pediatrics, Elk Grove Village, IL 2006

Hassink S: A Clinical Guide to Pediatric Weight Management and Obesity Lippincott, Williams and Wilkens 2006

Web based Resources

Hassink S, Duncan P eds. HALF (Healthy Active Living for Families)\obesity Web based resources for parents and pediatricians for obesity prevention

Book Chapters

Sheslow DV, Hassink SG: Obesity. In Bear G, Minke K, and Thomas A (eds) Children’s Needs: Psychological Perspectives. New York. National Association of School Psychologists. January 1997

Hassink S, Datto G. In Schwartz (ed) The 5 Minute Pediatric Consult. Wolterkluwer/Lippinsott Williams and Wilkins Philadelpnia, PA 2008.

Hassink S , French G, Obesity in Textbook of Pedatric Care ed. McInherny, 2007AAP Elk Grove Village, IL

Peer Reviewed Articles

Hassink SG, et al. Transposition Of The Great Arteries: Possible Risk Factors For Haemophilus Influenza Type B Meningitis, J Pediatr 94(5): 755-757, 1982.

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Barthold J, Manson J, Regan V, Si X, Hassink S, Coughlin M, Lee P. Reproductive Hormone Levels in Infants with Cryptorchidism During Postnatal Activation of the Pituitary-Testicular Axis. Journal of Urology Vol 172, 1736-1741 Oct 2004, 1736-1741.

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Articles by Invitation

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Klein J, Cull W, O’Conner K, Hassink S Trends in BMI Screen in Pediatric Primary Care. Poster presentation PAS meeting Denver CO May 2011.

Wysocki T, Blossom J, Hassink S, Roy P, Vigilante V, Sharif I Observational Study of Shared Medical Decision Making in Pediatric Chronic Conditions Poster presentation PAS meeting Boston MA May 7, 2012.

Blossom J, Wysocki T, Sharif I, Hassink S Direct Observation of Clinician Communication During Pediatric Weight Management Visits: Correlations with Adherence and Self – Efficacy Outcomes Poster presentation National Conference on Pediatric Psychology  April 13, 2013 New Orleans, LA

Hossain J, Wysocki T, Gidding S, Bunnell T, Hassink S. Piecewise linear mixed effects model to track the temporal changes in early childhood Body Mass Index (BMI) trajectoreies, JSM 2013, Montreal, Canada. It will be presented on 08/04/2013.

Research Projects

Body Composition and Outcome in Pediatric Obesity. Nemours Research. 1994-1997. Principal Investigator: Nancy Vinton, MD

The Comorbidity of Pediatric Obesity and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders: A Descriptive Study. Nemours Research. 1994-1995. Principal Investigator: Sandra Hassink, MD

A Comparison of Family and Psychosocial Factors in Obese and Normal Weight Preschoolers. Nemours Research. 1993-1995. Principal Investigator: Sandra Hassink, MD

Medical and Psychological Factors Associated with Pediatric Obesity. Nemours Research. 1992-1995, Principal Investigator: Sandra Hassink, MD.

The Role of Satiety in an Obese Pediatric Population. Nemours Research. Principal Investigator: Sandra Hassink, MD

Identification of Obese Children At Risk for Developing Adult Onset Diabetes. Nemours Research. Principal Investigator: Sandra Hassink, MD.


Nemours Foundation

The Relationship between Serum Leptin and Growth and Maturation in the Premature Infant.

The objective of this study was to determine whether serum leptin levels correlate with measures of growth and maturation (weight, BMI, average midarm/head circumference ratio) in premature infants.

Role:  Principal Investigator (15% effort)


Nemours Foundation

Leptin Regulation of Lung Surfactant Production

The major goal of this project was to determine the effect of leptin on surfactant phospholipids and proteins in the fetal rat lung.

Role:  Co-PI (10% effort)


Leptin Secretion in Human Breast Milk

The objective of this study was to measure leptin levels in breast milk and to determine if these levels correlated with measurements of growth and satiety of newborns during their first three months of life.Role: Principal Investigator (10% effort)

Identification of Leptin Receptors and RAD in Newborns. Medical Center of Delaware and ThomasJeffersonUniversityHospital. Principal Investigator: Sandra Hassink, MD.

Comparison of Growth and Development In Obese and Non-Obese Children. Nemours Research. Principal Investigator, Karen Klein, MD.                                                                  

Follow up Breast and Formula Fed Infants – Measuring Inflammatory Markers. Principle Investigator2007-Present

GLIDES – Guidelines into Electronic Decision Support – Implementing Obesity Guidelines into the Electronic Medical Record AHRC 2007- 2010  5% time

COOKFRESH – Teaching Cooking Skills to Improve Diabetic Risk factors in Adolescents Ammon Foundation Grant 2008 – Present, Principle Investigator

Attention & Working Memory in Childhood Obesity: A Brief Test INBRE NIH grant – Present Grant 5% time

Neuro-cognitive mechanisms of self-regulation and their relation to childhood obesity, NIH grant 2 P20 RR016472-09 from the NCRR  PIDr. Sandra Hassink, Dr. Steve Most and Partnership grant with University of Delaware INBRE program 5% ended 2011

Obesity Cluster Project: Nemours Funded. Population health management of risk for type 2 diabetes and NASH Sandra Hassink PI


Media Presentations

WDEL Childhood Obesity Wilmington DE March 15, 2010.

Newsweek Radio, Childhood Obesity NY March 13, 2010

Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Children, Hosted by Brian McDonough, October 29, 2000

Adolescent Eating Behavior, Television Interview, WPVI-TV, January 2002

Obesity and Activity, Comcast Channel 8, WilmingtonDE March 2003

Childhood Obesity WKDN CamdenNJ Radio Interview April 25, 2004

Childhood Obesity The Parents Journal syndicated radio program June 7, 2007


June 28, 2010          Weight Management – Across a Spectrum of Development, Sponsored by NACHRI

Lectures by Invitation

March 1990             Pediatric Obesity. A I duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

January 1991           Presentation of Abstract on Subtypes in Pediatric Obesity.  Regional Ambulatory Pediatric Society Meeting, Baltimore, MD

January 1992           Pediatric Obesity. St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia, PA

April 1992                 Pediatric Obesity. St. Francis Medical Center, Wilmington, DE

March 1993             Pediatric Obesity. Family Medicine Grand Rounds, Delaware Academy of Medicine, Wilmington, DE

June 1994                 Pediatric Obesity. St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Patterson, NJ

May 1995                 Pediatric Obesity. Pediatric Grand Rounds. Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, PA

Sept 13, 1995.        An Overview of Childhood Obesity. Fall Course of the Delaware Academy of Family Physicians. St. Francis Hospital, Wilmington DE

October 18, 1995   Overview of Obesity in Children, Pediatric Seminar Riddle Memorial, Hospital, Media, PA

Dec 20, 1995.          Chronic and Reactive Obesity in Childhood. Pediatric Grand Rounds A I duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington DE,

March 23, 1996:     Approaches to Childhood Weight Problems. Delaware Nurses’ Association Annual Meeting. Wilmington, DE,

Sept 22, 1996.        Obesity in Adolescence. Adolescent Medicine Conference. Wilmington Hospital, Wilmington, DE,

June 3, 1997            Obesity, Satiety and Growth, Grand Rounds, Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, PA.

Sept 17, 1997          Beyond Diet and Exercise: Comorbidities of Obesity in Childhood Primary Care Seminar, duPont Children’s Hospital, Wilmington DE

Sept 29,1999           The Body Mind Connection – Stress, Implications for Health and Disease, Grand Rounds, duPont Children’s Hospital, Wilmington DE

October 29, 1999   Obesity in the Adolescent Patient. Adolescent Medicine Psychosocial Seminar Series. Wilmington Hospital, Wilmington, DE.

Nov 16, 1999           The Obese Patient. Christiana Health Services Medicine Conference. Wilmington Hospital, Wilmington. DE

April 14,2000            Leptin in Breast milk a potential growth and satiety factor. Breastfeeding in the 21stCentury, Nemours Conference, Grosvenor Resort, Lake Buena Vista FL

March 14, 2000       Approach to the Obese Child. Pediatric Kaleidoscope, Adam’s MarkHotel, Philadelphia, PA, (Pending on

March 24, May 10,2000 Stress Management – Noon presentation to duPont Hospital for Children, Management Staff (with Steven Bachrach, MD)

May 14, 2000           Adolescent Nutrition. Presentation to the APA Special Interest Group on Nutrition, Pediatric Academic Societies Meeting, Boston MA

Oct 20, 2000            Weighty Matters, Obesity in Children and Adolescents, Christiana Hospital Grand Rounds, Christiana Hospital, Wilmington, DE

Oct 25,2000              Resilience (with Allan De Jong MD) AI duPont Hospital Grand Rounds, Wilmington, DE

Nov 4, 2000              Approach to the Obese Child. Christiana Care Lipid Conference MBNA Conference Center, Wilmington, DE

March 1, 2002         Obesity: Evaluation and Treatment of the Adolescent, Adolescent Medicine, Conference Series Christiana Care, Wilmington, DE

March 20, 2002       Evaluation and Treatment of the Obese Child, Grand Rounds, Pottstown Memorial Hospital Pottstown, PA.

May 20, 2002           Obesity: Evaluation and Treatment of the Obese Child, Montgomery County Hospital, Norristown, PA

June 7, 2002             Childhood Obesity, Chester County WIC 25th Anniversary Lecture, West Chester, PA

June 20, 2002           Childhood Cardiovascular Disease Risk Management, Christiana Hospital Grand Rounds, Wilmington, DE

August 28, 2002      It isn’t just obesity anymore! With Dr. George Datto, A I DuPont Hospital, Wilmington, DE

Sept 13, 2002          Childhood Obesity, Risk, Evaluation and Practice Management Strategies, Chester County Hospital, West Chester, PA

October 2, 2002      Evaluation of Pediatric Obesity, Fall Course, The Delaware Academy of Family Physicians, DuPont Country Club, Wilmington, DE

May 30, 2003           The Obesity Epidemic – What Can We Do? Pediatric Kaleidoscope 2003, A. I duPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

August 1-2, 2003    Cape Cod Pediatrics, Epidemiology of Obesity, Case Studies in Obesity, Co-Morbidities of Obesity, Cape Cod, MA, Sponsored by AI DuPont Hospital

February 22, 2004  Keynote Speaker at Regional APA Meeting, The Pediatric Obesity Epidemic, Shriners Children’s Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Sept 21, 2004           Co-chair and speaker at “Peds 21”, Day long seminar on Pediatric Obesity, San Francisco, CA

Nov 10, 2004            Pediatric Obesity, ROY Warren Lecture, A I duPont Hospital, for Children Wilmington, DE

May 8, 2005              Presentation to Board of American Academy of Pediatrics, “Women in Pediatrics,” Chicago, IL

Aug 4, 2005               Three Part Harmony, the Patient, the Parent and the Pediatrician, Cape Cod Conference, Sponsored by Nemours, Hyannis, MA

Aug 4, 2005               The Role of the Hospital Ethics Committee, Cape Cod Conference, sponsored by Nemours, Hyannis, MA

Oct 10, 2005             Obesity 101 with Dr. Nancy Krebs, AAP National Conference and Exhibition Washington, DC

Oct 11, 2005             Setting Goals, Setting Limits, Meet the Expert Workshop, on working part time AAP National Conference and Exhibition, Washington, DC

Nov 16, 2005           Scientific Basis of Obesity, FDA Advisory Committee for Devices, “Gastric Banding in Adolescents”, Gaithersburg, MD

Feb 24, 2007            Leadership and Building Capacity for Quality Improvement AAP District Leadership Conference, Baltimore, MD

May 1, 2007             Leadership Tools for Pediatricians, NHPS Primary Care Obesity Project, Dover, DE

May 2, 2007             Continuum of Obesity Related Comorbidities in Primary Care, NHPS Primary Care Obesity Project, Dover, DE

May 3, 2007             Moving Right Along, The Physical Therapist and Childhood Obesity Physical Therapy CME, A.I. duPont Hospital, Wilmington, DE

May 8, 2007             A Pediatrician’s Perspective on Family Systems in Obesity, Obesity Special Interest Group, PAS Meetings, Toronto Canada

August 3-4 2007     Obesity as a Disease and “How to” Obesity in Primary Care, Nemours Cape CodConference, Hyannis, MA

Sept 19, 2007          Obesity Epidemic: What’s Happening with the Children? Obesity Summit to Devise Obesity plan for Washington DC, Gallaudet University, Washington, DC

Sept 28, 2007          Treating Child/Adolescent Obesity; A National Epidemic, Omaha, NE

October 6,2007      Is Obesity an Environmental Health Concern? 5th Annual Conference on Children’s Environmental Health, Reston, VA

Nov 6, 2007             Twenty Years of Treating Pediatric Obesity – Pediatrics Island Style; A Hawaii Approach to Pediatric Weight Management, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, HI

Nov 6, 2007            Obesity as a Disease – Pediatrics Island Style; A Hawaii Approach to Pediatric Weight Management, Hilton Hawaiian Village, Honolulu, HI

March 6, 2008        Twenty Years of Treating Pediatric Obesity – Obesity 360; Creighton University, OmahaNB

April 12, 2008         Obesity Prevention and Treatment in Primary Care: The “How To” in the Office -Association of Osteopathic Pediatricians Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA

April 12, 2008          Addressing the Obesity Epidemic Through an Integrated Health System – Association of Osteopathic Pediatricians Annual Meeting, Savannah, GA

June 10, 2008           Implementing Obesity Guidelines, Children’s National Hospital Conference, Bethesda Marriott, Bethesda, MD

Sept 19,2008           Obesity and the Built Environment Mid Atlantic Environmental Association University of PA, Philadelphia, PA

Oct 30, 2008            Obesity Expert Guidelines, Crozer Chester CME Day, Chester, PA

Nov 18, 2008           Keynote Speech, Obesity Workshop, Parents and Obesity, Advances in Clinical Pediatrics, Children’s Hospital, Kansas City, MO

February 6,2009     AAP Obesity Leadership WebinarFor Chairs of AAP’s  chapters, councils and sections

March 1,2009          Postnatal Obesity, CME conference, Virginia Beach, VA

March 31, 2009      NJ Obesity Prevention Summit, Childhood Obesity, New Brunswick, NJ

April 2, 2009            Columbus Children’s Obesity Summit Expert Panel Recommendations, Implications for Policy Columbus, OH

May 5, 2009            Pediatric Academic Society Workshop, Quality Improvement Initiatives In Obesity, Baltimore, MD

June 19, 2009          Oral Health Meeting, Links between Obesity and Oral Health Prevention, Washington, DC

June 30, 2009          WIC Childhood Obesity Inservice, Maternal and Child Obesity, Dover DE

July 14, 2009            Delaware State Ethics Workshop, Population Ethics, Dover, DE

August 18-20          Visiting Professor, KapiolaniWomen’s and Children’s Hospital, Honolulu, HI

Sept 11, 2009         Obesity Webinar, Focus on AAP Obesity Activities

Sept 16, 2009         Motivational Interviewing, Rochester Learning Collaborative, Rochester, NY

Oct 1, 2009             Childhood Obesity, World Congress of Obesity, Washington, DC

Oct 9, 2009             Expert Panel RecommendationsOn Childhood Obesity, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Orlando, FL

Oct 17, 2009           Comorbidities of Childhood Obesity, AAP National Conference and Exhibition Washington, DC

Oct 19, 2009           Working with Parents in Obesity Prevention And Treatment, AAP National Conference and Exhibition, Washington,DC

Oct 23, 2009            A Clinicians View of Measurement, Body Composition Workshop, NIDDK Washington, DC

Dec 15, 2009           Population Ethics, Ethics Committee, Christiana Medical Center, Newark, DE

Feb 3, 2010             Leadership and Team Development, NHPS Primary Care Quality Collaborative, Dover, DE

Feb 19, 2010          Obesity Advocacy Training, Be Our Voice, NICHQ/AAP/RWJ, Chicago, IL

March 11, 2010     Obesity Advocacy Workshop, AAP,Annual Leadership Forum, Chicago, IL

March 23, 2010     Childhood Obesity, The Child, The Family and The CommunityHenrietta Johnson Medical Center, Wilmington, DE

April 10, 2010        Childhood Obesity: Practice to Policy, Keynote Speaker, Annual AAP ChapterMeeting Morgantown, WV

May 12, 2010         Early Infant Obesity, Delaware AAP CME Day, Newark, DE

May 26, 2010         Nutrition Seminar, Pediatric Obesity, Children’s Hospital of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA

May 5, 2010           Obesity Advocacy, Be Our Voice Training, Brewton, AL

May 12, 2010        Obesity and Prematurity, Bright Futures and Prevalence of Prematurity Conference, Delaware AAP, Newark, DE

June 22,2010         Obesity and Injury, Safe Kids Conference, Dover, DE

June 26, 2010        Obesity Coding Workshop, Amelia Island Pediatric Conference, Amelia Island, FL

June 26, 2010        Medical Management of Obesity, Amelia Island Pediatric Conference Amelia Island, FL

August 6, 2010     Recognizing and Preventing Nutrition Mishaps Nemours Cape Cod Conference Hyannis, MA3

August 7, 2010      Nutrition 911 Nemours Cape Cod Conference Hyannis, MA

August 7, 2010      Pediatricians as First Responders (Nutrition) Nemours Cape Cod conference Hyannis, MA

August 11, 2010    Pediatric Ethics: Expanding our Vision, Grand Rounds, A I DuPont Hospital for Children, Wilmington, DE

August 7, 2010      What to know, what to say, what to do: Pediatric Obesity Nemours Cape Cod conference Hyannis, MA

August 18, 2010    Pediatric Obesity NCHS Annual Meeting Bethesda, MD

October 3, 2010    Obesity Prevention and Treatment in Early Childhood Care and Education Section on Early Childhood Care and Education National Conference and Exhibition San Francisco, CA

October 16, 2010  Obesity: From Practice to Policy Oregon Pediatric Society Portland, OR

Jan  11, 2011          Assessing Comorbidities of Pediatric Obesity Webinar

Jan 22, 2011           Strategic Planning AAP Board of Directors Elk Grove Village IL

Jan 24, 2011           Vision of Pediatrics AAP Board of Directors Elk Grove Village IL

Feb 16, 2011          Expert Committee Recommendations for Pediatric Obesity Children’s Hospital Kansas City MO

March 17, 2011     Pediatric Obesity Medscape Webinar Medscape Continuuing Education

March 26, 2011     Megatrends in Pediatrics AAP Annual Leadership Forum Schaumberg, IL

April 5, 2011          Bringing it Home: Pediatric Obesity Henrietta Johnson Health Service Center Wilmington, DE

April 14, 2011       Pediatric Advocacy from Policy to Practice PA Healthy Active Living Community Summitt Carlisle, PA Childhood Onset of Adult Disease Carlisle Hospital Grand Rounds Carlisle, PA

June 5, 2011          Future of Pediatrics Childhood Obesity in 2011 Future of Pediatrics Conference AAP Chicago IL

June 24, 2011        Pediatric Obesity in Primary Care Pediatric Care Online Webinar AAP

Sept 8, 2011          Pediatric Advocacy Maryland AAP Chapter CME Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore, MD

Sept 24, 2011        Childhood Obesity Community and Advocacy From Policy to Practice Alabama AAP Chapter CME Birmingham, AL

Sept 24, 2011        Childhood Obesity from the Front Lines A developmental perspective Alabama AAP Chapter CME Birmingham, AL

Oct 2, 2011            Megatrends in Pediatrics AAP Committee on Federal Government Affairs meeting Washington, DC

Oct 4, 2011            Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Women’s Business Breakfast Wilmington, DE

Jan 3, 2012             Ethics and Medical Decision Making Ethics Consult Team Training A I DuPont Hospital Wilmington, DE

Feb 6, 2012            The Ethics Consult Ethics Consult Team Training A I DuPont Hospital Wilmington, DE

March 5, 2012       Ethical Dilemmas Ethics Consult Team Training A I DuPont Hospital Wilmington, DE

April 5, 2012          Governors Council on Health Promotion and Disease PreventionDelaware Health Care Commission Dover, DE

April 24, 2012        Childhood Obesity Presentation to Board of Directors, Pottstown Health Foundation Pottstown, PA

May 25, 2012        Childhood Obesity Polish American Pediatric Meeting Rzeszow, Poland

June 2, 2012          Childhood Obesity in 2012, where are we now? Goyeb Children’s Hospital Conference Skytop, PA

June 2, 2012          Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing Goyeb Children’s Hospital Conference Skytop, PA

June 3, 2012          Childhood Obesity Pathophysiology and Treatment Goyeb Children’s Hospital Conference Skytop, PA

June 20, 2012        Promoting Nutrition and Exercise in Children and Families: Early Care and Education Head Start Research Conference Washington, DC

Sept 20, 2012        Engaging the Child and Family Obesity Society Annual Meeting San Antonio, TX

Sept 28, 2012        Pediatric ObesityLet’s Go conference Portland MA

Sept 29, 2012        Pediatric Obesity Epidemic St Francis Hospital Conference Wilmington, DE

Oct 25, 2012         Research at Nemours and in Our Community, Obesity Research Delaware Health Science Alliance A I DuPont Hospital for Children Wilmington, DE

Nov 2,,2012           Community Action and Childhood Obesity ROCK conference Orlando, FL

Nov 19, 2012         Childhood Obesity: A View From the Clinic ECG 300 I Let’s feed kids well Cabrini College Radnor, PA

Nov 29, 2012         From Weight Management to Bariatric Surgery – How Did We Get Here? Pediatric Nutrition Challenges: From Failure to Thrive to Obesity Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

Nov 29, 2012         One Patient’s Journey: From Traditional Weight Management to Bariatric Surgery Pediatric Nutrition Challenges: From Failure to Thrive to Obesity Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Philadelphia, PA

Nov 30, 2012        Governor’s Council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Delaware Health Science Alliance Conference Crea tingHealth Partnerships by Engaging Individuals, Providers, and Communities    in Health Decisions. Christiana Hospital, Newark, DE

Jan 28 2013           Overview of HRSA/NICHQ Collaborative for Health Weight Project Delaware Healthy Weight Collaborative Delaware Technical College, Dover DE

Jan 28 2013           Overview of the Governor’s council on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Delaware Healthy Weight Collaborative Delaware Technical College, Dover, DE

March 20, 2013     What you need to know about childhood obesity It’s OBVIOUS lecture series Medical Society of Delaware Newark, DE

April 16, 2013        Childhood Obesity: Prevention and Identification Grand Rounds: Alan Schwartz Lectureship Sinai Hospital Baltimore, MD Childhood Obesity: Outcomes, Research and Future Directions Keynote Address Alan Schwartz Lectureship Sinai Hospital Baltimore, MD

April 22, 2013        Childhood Obesity in Context Cabrini College Exercise Science class Radnor, Pa

April 26, 2013        Obesity Update: What’s Happening in Childhood Obesity in 2013? Pediatrician’s Doing Education Together Combine ACOP and AAP CME Course Columbus, OH

April 29, 2013        NCH Healthy Active Living Workshop for Head Start Health Managers Head Start Birth to Five Institute Washington, DC

May 4, 2013           Mindfulness and the Patient Encounter Integrative Medicine SIG PAS meeting Washington, DC

May 17, 2013         Childhood Obesity and the Expert Guidelines Illinois AAP Chapter CME meetingDowners Grove, IL

May 20, 2013         Childhood Obesity the Epidemic American Association for Nutrition and Dietetics Little Rock, AK

July 28, 2013          The Double Burden of Global Obesity and Malnutrition IRAS meeting on Global Nutrition Silver Bay, NY